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Welcome to an 80's Music Revolution!




The 1980's was an unmistakable era which brought with it a wide variety of music, fashion, trends, and events. Now the decade is back with a vengeance! We would like to take you back to re-live this incredible time.

Hall Pass brings a high energy, high impact show to any event and faithfully covers the full spectrum of music from the Pop, Rock, and New Wave genres by artists such as Duran Duran, Prince, Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Bryan Adams, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, and more.

What makes Hall Pass unique is their attention to detail with song selection, faithful re-creation of the music, fashion, lingo, and perspective of that decade. Its members are aware of the void they are filling not only with the generation who lived their teenage and early 20's through the decade; but also with the under 30 crowd who were raised on the music through their parents, older siblings, or pop radio and television.

Hall Pass has many years of live performance and recording experience between its five members. The band is committed to delivering their audiences a great time and to enhance their experience whether at a bar, benefit, or festival, and provide a welcome niche for those seeking to hear the music they love once again, no matter what age.

So get your neon colors and Aqua Net ready, Hall Pass will be firing up the DeLorean time machine at a location near you!

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